With a new logo,
a new us.
In a new light,
a new collection.

{"raw":"nPushing the creativity with a focus on new shapes and materials, the Spring Summer 20 collection of IDEAL OF SWEDEN embraces contemporary design and is inspired by the shades, textures and eternal sensations of summer. Entitled “IN A NEW LIGHT”, the new collection truly represents a new era that the brand is stepping into with a creative philosophy that reinvents the brand.nnTo commemorate the new design approach and to celebrate a new age of IDEAL OF SWEDEN, the brand has now unveiled its new logotype.nnnnn

"The new logotype is a big step-change, an identity that taps into the Scandinavian heritage of the brand in a way that represents a global vision and creativity at the pulse of contemporary culture."

nnn- Joachim Lindström & Filip Ummer, Co-Founders of IDEAL OF SWEDENnn  nnnn  nnFounded in 2014 in Norrköping, Sweden, IDEAL OF SWEDEN is a Scandinavian brand at the core and has made a leap from a humble startup to an international lifestyle brand with local webshops in 21 markets, several boutiques across Scandinavia and representations in multi-brand wholesale destinations all over the world.nIDEAL OF SWEDEN believes that to be a contemporary brand it must also be committed in today’s culture and society. The brand has built a global reputation for innovative product design and digital marketing initiatives, focusing on agile strategies in social media and influencer marketing since its beginnings. nThe brand loves to create new possibilities that speak to people in the now. With that in mind,  IDEAL OF SWEDEN has created a new visual identity that is both simplistic and luxurious, discrete and charismatic, and will unite its customers in their self-expression, in the now and the future. nnnn","wysiwyg_type":"paragraph","editor_type":"bbcode"}