juli 6, 2018

This summer’s statement style!

One of this summer’s hottest trends is bright colors, and in 2018 the trend is dominated by hues of pink and red. The colors work perfectly fine by themselves, but if you want to be extra trendy this summer, you wear them together!

To wear pink and red together is something that we since childhood days have learned is a big no, no and we were told that the colors don’t match together. Over the years, however, this has changed and the rules aren’t as strict anymore. The combination of pink and red was something that was shown a lot on the fashion shows for the SS18 season and something the fashion magazines predicted to be a huge upcoming trend. And they were right, in the stores right now we can find all sorts of shades from burgundy and bright red to pastel and chock pink. We don’t mind – the happy colors instantly put us in a good mood!

 Another recurring trend for the summer season is the floral print, which is just as popular in 2018. To take on the trend in the best way this year you should go for large prints and bold colors that are allowed to really stand out.

So, what do we get if we combine these two trends? The answer is “Statement Florals”! This case is a part of our Summer 18 collection and consists of a bright red colored background that is fronted by a beautiful mix of lilacs and peonies in different pink shades. Expect from the phone case there is also a matching power bank and a charging cable. The perfect accessories for a stylish look this summer!

To style the “Statement Florals” in the trendiest way this summer, of course, you’ll match it with a color combination of pink and red. For the one that’s not quite as daring a monochrome look fits perfectly where you choose to lift one of the colors in the case with an outfit in the same color from top to toe. An example of this is the trendy set of a blazer and pair of pants which we have seen a lot of lately, especially in red and pink colors.

 If you’re not that comfortable in bright colors a great tip is to go for the accessories instead! It’s super nice to match a basic colored outfit with accessories such as a pair of shoes, a bag, a hairband or, of course, a phone case in bright colors!

 If none of the above options feels right for you, the safest card from summer to summer is flowers! The lovely floral patterns work on everything from dresses and skirts to pants and tops. To match one flower print with another is just right this season as big patterns and strong colors play the lead!

Go for a true statement style this summer and click home “Statement Florals” here!

Bag – Gucci, Dress – BikBok, Power Bank – iDeal Of Sweden, Singlet – Bershka, Dress – H&M, Shoes – Zalando, Blazer + Trousers – Gina Tricot, Cable – iDeal Of Sweden

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